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Consumer electronics

In Recyberica Ambiental we count on an advanced system of electronic waste management. We are a leader in our industry, committed to research and development, which makes us very competitive and gives us the opportunity to be at the forefront in the management of this kind of waste, improving day by day and offering continuous education to all our staff.

In the management of electronic waste we do in Recyberica Ambiental, we use the latest technology in both the decontamination of equipment and its dismantling and crushing for the subsequent recycling of the materials. The devices treated are:

  • Large appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and air conditioners, among others.
  • Small appliances. Vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, fryers and coffee machines.
  • IT and telecommunications equipment. Computers and peripherals, printers.
  • Lighting equipment. Luminaires, fluorescent lamps.
  • Electrical and electronic tools. Drills, saws, mowers, welding equipment.
  • Toys and sports equipment. Consoles, games, interactive toys.
  • Medical devices. Radiotherapy equipment, cardiology, dialysis, lung ventilators.
  • Monitoring and control instruments. Smoke detectors and thermostats.
  • Vending machines. Coffee machines, beverage, cash.
  • Cells and batteries. Button, alkaline, saline, Ni-Cd, accumulators and batteries.

Each of these categories has a different decontamination process, based on their components and dangerousness. Most of the processes used to manage electronic waste are semi-automatic, so as to achieve very high ratios of recovery and recycling.

As additional services, in Recyberica Ambiental we offer the possibility of on site removal of electronic devices by an authorised specialist and a valorization of the fractions containing metals and plastics. We also have an analysis, design and planning service, oriented to the needs of each client, so that we can optimize costs and offer an efficient and competitive service.

Once finished the treatment process, we guarantee the proper management of electronic waste following the specific rules and requirements of our customers, issuing a Certificate of Waste Management. Recyberica’s main interest is the returning of the raw materials contained in the electrical and electronic equipment to the market; that is why we have implemented appliances destruction systems with such high recovery ratios.

Whatever the electronic device you want to undo, contact us. We will handle the electronic waste management to minimize its environmental impact.

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