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Power Tools and electronic

In Recyberica Ambiental we take care of the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment. We offer an analysis focused on the needs of our customers. The design and planning are specific to each client, thus enabling cost optimization to provide an efficient and competitive service. We offer on-site disassembly, conducted by an expert as well as an assessment of the content fractions of metal and plastic.

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment are divided into categories depending on their nature and treated on the basis of this classification. These categories are:

  • C1: Large household appliances. We have an authorized temporary storage of refrigerators and have a special area for the treatment of air conditioners.
  • C2: Small appliances. We have semiautomatic treatment processes, pre-shredding and triage lines.
  • C3: Computer and telecommunications equipment. We have a semiautomatic disassembly line and CRTs cutting with high performance decontamination.
  • C4: Home electrical devices. Those managed in the same way that the two previous categories.
  • C5: Lighting equipment. We manage them using a crushing system for the lamps, with mercury recovery. The remaining elements are treated as in categories 2 and 3.
  • C6: Electrical and electronic tools. As is category 2.
  • C7: Toys and sports equipment. Similar treatment to categories 2 and 3.
  • C8: Medical devices. We have expertise in the disassembly of complex machines so that we can recover constituent fractions without risk of contamination.
  • C9: Monitoring and control instruments. We have semiautomatic processes that ensure the correct treatment of the products included in this category.
  • C10: Vending Machines. The first step for this category is decontamination. Once finished, waste pass to a line of pre-shredding making management more efficient and profitable.

From Recyberica Ambiental, we can ensure the proper management and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment. This is possible thanks to compliance with the rules and requirements of our customers. Once the process has been completed, we issue a certificate of treatment and management of the waste delivered.

All processes we follow in Recyberica Ambiental regarding waste of electrical and electronic management are oriented toward the reinstatement of raw materials to the market. The vast majority of these devices have very high recovery ratios, allowing the raw materials to be used again.

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