Air Conditioning Waste Management

We are specialists in the recycling of domestic and industrial air conditioning equipment, also in the management of domestic gas boilers.

How does it work?

At RECYBERICA AMBIENTAL we are pioneers in the treatment of air conditioning equipment, as well as in the management of the oils, refrigerant gases and condensers contained in the equipment. These gases, which have a high global warming potential, must be removed, regenerated for reuse, or eliminated in order to prevent them from ending up in the atmosphere, thus increasing the planet’s greenhouse effect.

1. Needs analysis

We are experts in the management and recycling of air conditioning equipment and domestic gas boilers.

Our service provides environmental solutions to the vast majority of installers and companies in the sector.

Contact our sales department and tell us what you need. We have the best specialized commercial technicians to meet your requests.

2. Design and planning

We analyze your needs in detail.

Our experience in the sector supports us and we can plan your best possible operation, at the best price on the market.

3. Transport to our facilities

We have a wide range of trucks authorized as waste carriers.

Our logistics services are responsible for customized coordination of the optimal and necessary means for each collection with the client.

All correctly documented and in accordance with current legislation.

4. Decontamination and phase separation

We guarantee the correct transfer of this waste to our plant, where we will proceed to decontamination and phase separation.

Extraction of refrigerant gases, …etc.

Since 2008, when we launched our Air Conditioning treatment line, we have managed more than 40,000 Kg of refrigerant gas, or what is the same, stopped the emission of 60,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This fact alone is really shocking, but it is even more so if we say that it is the same amount of CO2 that 25,000 cars that would have traveled 20,000 km would have produced. Our data supports us and we continue to reduce environmental pollution year after year.

5. Disassembly and segregation of fractions

We recycle and treat the waste, separating the different fractions that allow us to continue with the process.

In our Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) treatment plant, not only gases and oils are extracted from air conditioners, but the entire equipment, whether industrial or domestic, is also processed, recovering metal and plastic fractions that are reintroduced into the circular economy as raw material.

6. Reintegration into the productive system

Our goal is to obtain fractions that can be reintroduced into the production system.

According to data from the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), recycling aluminum instead of opting for extraction represents an energy saving of 95%, in copper, the savings are 85%; and in iron and steel, 74%. It also results in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. For every ton of aluminum produced, the emission of 3.54 tons of CO2 is avoided. For copper, the savings are 0.81 tons per ton; and for ferric materials, 0.97 tons.